Alpha Sigma Phi

Clemson College was founded in 1889 and opened as a military college in 1893. It became co-educational and ended its military discipline system in 1955 and became a University in 1960. National fraternities were first allowed to organize at Clemson in the 1980's. 25 fraternities, with a membership of more than 38% of undergraduate men in 2005-06, preceded Alpha Sigma Phi at Clemson.
The chapter was chartered on April 5, 2008. Bernie Schulz, Radford '89, Rick Buss, UNC-Charlotte '90, and Justin La Roche, UNC-Charlotte '06, represented the Grand Council at the chartering.
In the 2010 fall semester, through the efforts of Joe Zimmerman, Bowling Green '77 and Rob Whitfield, Murray State '04, the chapter secured an off-campus house. Funding from the house was secured through parents of the chapter and loans from Alpha Sigma Phi Headquarters and the Ohio Wesleyan House Corporation.

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Alpha Sigma Phi
President: Chris Lambert