To begin the rush process you MUST complete the IFC Pre-Rush Education requirements

Rush Process
The first day of formal rush is called Smokers. During “Smokers” all of the IFC chapters will have a tent set up on Bowman field and will be cooking food (hence the name “Smokers”). All registered Clemson students have the opportunity to walk around and meet the brothers from each chapter in an informal environment.

First Invite Round
The next two days of rush is what is known as the first invite round. Each chapter votes on the students that go to their tent during smokers. Then they extend an invitation to the next round which is downtown. Each chapter has designated a time and day that they will be downtown and students that have been invited back have the opportunity to get to know the brothers further. Each chapter will be downtown only once at a pre-determined day and time slot. Chapters will extend invites individually to those students who have received them.

Final Invite Round
After each chapter votes again on prospective students, they send out invites to the final invite round. This is the day of formal rush where students have the opportunity to meet with the chapters that best suit them. Each chapter has their own designated meeting location and will meet at a predetermined time by IFC. Chapters will let students know the time and location when invites are extended.

Bid Distribution
After chapters vote on who they will give a bid to the bids are sent to IFC. On Thursday, Bid packets will be handed out in the Tillman Auditorium. Students receiving a bid will then notify the chapter whether they accept or decline the bid.